A Washington baseball quiz

Try to answer these before looking at BaseballReference.com. The answers to many of them can be found in posts elsewhere on this site.

  1. Who played in the last game of the original Senators and in the last game of the expansion Senators?
  2. Who in the A.L. finished second in batting average to Ted Williams the season he hit .406?
  3. What pitcher started the last game at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, the last game at Griffith Stadium and the first game at D.C. Stadium?
  4. What four players appeared in the last game at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium and the first game at Nationals Park?
  5. What player was with the original franchise in its last year in Washington and with the Twins in their first year in Minnesota; with the Athletics in their last season in Philadelphia and first season in Kansas City, and with the Dodgers in their last season Brooklyn and first season in Los Angeles?
  6. Who was last first-pick draft choice of the expansion Senators?
  7. Who drove in the winning run in Game 7 of the 1924 World Series?
  8. What four position players spent time with both the original and expansion Senators?
  9. What four Washington Senators won batting titles?
  10. What player was the last one active who had worn the uniform of the original Senators?
  11. What former Senator was the last active position player from the 1953 St. Louis Browns?
  12. What former Senator was the last active position player from the 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers?
  13. Walter Johnson pitched his only nine-inning no-hitter on July 1, 1920, beating Boston, 1-0. How many base runners did he allow?
  14. How many times in the majors has Ryan Zimmerman played shortstop?
  15. Who was the first National, among qualifiers, to hit over .300 for the season?  


1.: Ron Hansen (with the Orioles in 1961 and the Yankees in 1971.) He played for Washington in 1968.//2: Cecil Travis, .359, also led the A.L in hits in 1941.//3: Bennie Daniels.//4: Ryan Zimmerman,  Austin Kearns, Ronnie Belliard and Cristian Guzman.//5: Elmer Valo//6: Jeff Burroughs, who later won an MVP//7: Earl McNeely//8: Roy Sievers, John Shiave,  Zoilo Versalles and Don Mincher. Honorable mention for Mickey Vernon and Jim Lemon, but they just managed the expansion team.//9: Ed Delahanty (1902), Goose Goslin (1926), Buddy Myer (1935) and Mickey Vernon (1946 and 1953). Goslin, Myer and Vernon (in ’53) won the title by one point.//10: Jim Kaat//11: Roy Sievers (In 1967, Don Larsen was the last pitcher to retire)//12: John Roseboro (Bob Aspromonte, who had one at-bat as a bonus bay in 1956, played until 1971.)//13: One; Bucky Harris booted a grounder for an error in the seventh.//14: Once, in his first career start, Sept 7, 2005. He committed two errors.//15: Dmitri Young hit .320 in 2007.  

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