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The original Senators (1901-1960)

Often called the Griffith franchise, from 1912 on after manager and later owner Clark Griffith, who died after the 1955 season. He left the team to his niece and nephew, Calvin, who moved the team to Minnesota. The team was officially the Nationals from 1905 through 1956, although it was more commonly known as the Senators. Played in three World Series (1924, 1925 and 1933), winning only in 1924.

The expansion Senators (1961-71)

This team had just one winning season, but was managed by Hall of Famers Gil Hodges (May 1963 through 1967) and Ted Williams (1969-1971). Its only major star was slugger Frank Howard. The team relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the 1972 season to become the Texas Rangers, but has yet to win a World Series there.

The Washington Nationals (2005 to date)

The current team was relocated from Montreal after the 2004 season. The team adopted the “curly W” of the expansion team for its hats and uniforms and the official name of the Griffith Senators. The Nats (all three teams have been called that) won the 2019 World Series and N.L. East titles in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

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Lists of books and web sites about Washington baseball; the Homestead Grays’ time in Washington in the 1940s; stories about pre-1900 teams and players; significant events at Griffith and D.C. stadiums; etc.